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Custom Branded Personal Care and Hygiene Products

We offer a wide range of custom branded personal care and healthcare products to help businesses and organizations elevate their brand and promote a healthy, hygienic lifestyle. Our curated selection includes essentials such as first aid kits, hand sanitizers, face masks, and other personal care items, all of which can be personalized with your company's branding. Made from high-quality materials and affordably priced, our products are a practical and cost-effective way to support your brand and ensure that your customers and employees have access to the products they need to stay healthy and safe. From healthcare to personal care, we have something for everyone. So why not give our customisable products a try and see the difference they can make for your business?
  • BH6080 - Bag with 10 Wet Wipes Cobalt Blue / STD / Regular -
    BH6080 - Bag with 10 Wet Wipes Red / STD / Regular -

    Wet Wipes 10-Pack

    from P10.00
    22 in stock

    These 10-pack of custom branded wet wipes are perfect for businesses looking to promote their brand and offer a convenient, hygienic solution to th...

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    from P10.00
    22 in stock